S.S.S. Public School


S.S.S. Public School was established 2012 with 5 students but now it has more then 155 students. It is an English Medium school. It has all facilities what a modern school should have. Shortly we are going to start Smart classes. Extra classes are given to poor students. Students are encouraged to participate in various competitive examinations and it is our fourtune that our students have been passing out with flying colours in most of the examination's Cooperation of the people is cardially solicited for betterment of the school.


India is my country. All indian are my brother and sister. I love my country and i am proud of it's rich and various heritage. I shall always strive to be worthy of it. I shall give my parents, teachers and elders respect and treat everyone cortesy. To my country and my people i pledge my devotion, in there well being and prosperity along lies my hapiness.

From The Director's Desk

Education is the most complicated issue of this era. In the past, we kept following the traditional methodology of I mparting education but today we need to change the methodology slightly. Education ethics should not be based on old premise of complete with others. The new premise of education must be complete yourself.

We at S.S.S. Public School are trying to make our students well disciplined in every aspect of life. We instill into them a spirit of compassion concern for others, unselfish service thirst for excellenec, wisdom and knowledge. It gives me immense pleasure and great pride to serve our country by imparting education.


Application for admission is made to the principal on a prescribed form. Admission to pre-primary classes and playgroup is made according to the age of the child. A child's ability is also taken into consideration. Admission to any class except pre-primary is made after the pre admission test.

Parent Teacher Meeting

Every campus organizes parent teacher meeting on the last date of the months where talks are arranged on child's education of welfare. Attendance of all the parents at such meeting is complusory.

General Rules

Students are expected to be punctual. Students coming late may not be allowed. To enter the class without principal's permission. It is must to present a not from their parents or guardians giving the reason for late coming. Parents or the servents are not allowed to enter any classroom. No child should be absent without a prior written leave application. The school will not be responsible for the loss of books, money, clothes and the other item belonging to the student. Only efforts will be made to recover the belongings of the student. Each child is responsible for his/her own belongings. It is not advisable for pupil to have money or other valueable articles in their own keeping. Every child is expected to contribute to the values and the standards of the school by his/her conduct. Parents cooperation is solicited in maintaining punctuality, regularty and discipline. At all school functions, irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience or conduct ingurious to the moral tone are sufficient reason for the dismissal of a student of any class at any time of the year. Pupil are answerable to school authorities for their conduct both in school and outside.

School Uniform For Girls

For Summer

  1. White half sleeved shirt
  2. Sky blue skirt
  3. School tie
  4. School Belt
  5. School Badge
  6. Black shoes
  7. White socks
  8. Gray nylon or ribbon hairband
  9. T-shirt, shoes on saturday

For Winter

  1. White half sleeved shirt
  2. Sky blue skirt
  3. School tie
  4. School Belt
  5. School Badge
  6. Black shoes
  7. White socks
  8. Gray nylon or ribbon hairband
  9. T-shirt, shoes on saturday

School Uniform For Boys

For Summer

  1. White half sleeved shirt
  2. Short from n.c to III Trousers from IV to VIII
  3. School tie
  4. School Belt
  5. School Badge
  6. Black shoes
  7. White socks

For Winter

  1. Full sleeved white shirt
  2. Trousers
  3. V necked gray swetar with school badge
  4. School Belt
  5. School Badge
  6. Black shoes
  7. White socks
  8. Maroon school blazer

School Examination & Continuous Evalution

Progress of the students will be assessed on the basis of monthly assessments, half yearly and annual examinations. The marks obtained in these tests will be taken into consideration at the time of determining annual promotion. Parents are requested to collect progress report of their wards on the dates announced by the school after every examination. In case of the loss of progress report, a duplicate card will be issued against payment of Rs.50/-students will be allowed to sit for the first of the second semester examination unless all his/her dues have been paid up to date.


Since the school is not getting any aid from the government pupils have to pay the fees according to the following.

  1. Feesis payable at the school office or bank up to the 5th of every month without any fine. After the 5th of and 6th to 10th of every month, Rs.20/-and from 11th to 20th of every month, Rs.40/- to teh last working day of the month, Rs.80/-will be charged as the late fee fine. If fee is not paid till the last date of the month, the name student will be struck off from the register. The chill will be readmitted only on the payment of Rs.50/-as readmission fee.
  2. All school fee and other dues must be paid within the prescribed period.
  3. No student will be allowed to appear in the examination unless dues are cleared before the commencement of the examination.
  4. If any scholar leaves the school during mid session due to any reason, He or she will have to pay full fee up to december.
  5. A student withdrown from the institute after the month of december will have to pay full fee up to 30th June.

Fee Schedule

Tuition Fee [Monthly]

Nursery : Rs.400/-

L.K.G. : Rs.450/-

U.K.G. : Rs.500/-

Class I to V : Rs.600/-

VII : Rs.300/-

Transport Charge

Up to 2 km. : Rs.250/-

2 km. to 4 km. : Rs.400/-

4 km. to 6 km. : Rs.500/-

6 km. to 8 km. : Rs.600/-

8 km. to 10km. : Rs.700/-

School Examination Fee

Nursery to U.K.G. Rs.150/-

Primary classes Rs.175/- Fee can be paid for the full year with one month's junior classes Rs.200/-Concession on tuition fee.

Fee one paid will not be

One Time Fee : Refunced in any case.

T.C Fee Rs.200/-

Identity card Rs.50/-

Duplicate report card Rs.50/-

Fees at The Time Of Admission

Development Charge Rs.2000/-

Annual Maintenence Fee Rs.1000/-

Caution Money Rs.500/-(Refundable)

ID Card & Other Charges Rs.300/-

Fees of July

Fee Collection Schedule Of Finalcial Sessio [July to June]










July [1 month]

August [1 month]

September & March [2 month]

October [1 month] + Examination Fees

November & April [2 month]

December [1 month]

January & May [2 month]

February [1 month] + Examination Fees

June [1 month]

Merit Scholarship : [New]

Scholars are awarded with merit scholarship in cash from Rs.10/- to Rs.100/- to the top ten position holders in every class.

School Transport

School does not have its own vehicle therefore it does not take any responsibility for any incident happend in school van or bus. The accountability of pick and drop facility is of contractor. 1 Vehicles are run by contractors. Guardians are therefore, requested to make there own conveyance arrangements as for possible. In case the transport does not reach on time due to mechanical breakdown or any other reason, guardians are requested to make their own arrangements. However, the school tries it's best to provide satisfactory transport service. Transportation facility will be given to the students of pre primary and primary classes.